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What is the prerequisities for using SpellGuru ?

SpellGuru works on wide range of platforms

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.

It requires at least 256 MB of RAM & 100 MB of free hard disk space

Does SpellGuru works with Microsoft Word ?

SpellGuru will not work with MS Word but it preserves basic MS Word text formatting while copying the content in SpellGuru and pasting back it to MS​ Word. So indirectly you can easily spell check your content from MS word files.

What distinguishes SpellGuru software from other Spellchecking software available in market ?

This the only software available in the market that works for Unicode & ASCII (non unicode) fonts which provides live spell checking. It is based on a unique technology that provides you best suggestions for any given wrong word. Better spell checking suggestions then Microsoft Word & Google for Hindi. This unique technology is under patent process.

What is the difference between Left click and Right click ?

With left/right click you tell software which part of the word is correct/incorrect. With this information software provides you the best suggestions for correct word. This will drastically reduce your review & correction time.

How to use:

Example : नमसकार :- here if you left click just after नम then software will consider  नम as correct part of word & give you suggestions based on that. 

Similarly if you Right click on कार  for above word then software will consider  कार as correct part & give suggestions based on that. 

For more details watch this video.

Can I add or remove words to/from dictionary?

Yes, You can add words in dictionary by pressing Ctrl+D on the word.Similarly you can remove words from dictionary by using Ctrl+R.If you add or remove any word it will affect to your whole document.

Can I use third party tool for typing ?

Yes, You can use any 3rd party tool for typing in SpellGuru software. If the typing tool works in notepad the same tool will work in the SpellGuru software.

Can I spell check in Chanakya and Krutidev Fonts?

Yes. You can Spellcheck with our special versions for Chanakya and KrutiDev. These versions also provide live spell checking while you are typing for immediate feedback.

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